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Cyber Security

Protecting your critical data and assets

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Protecting your organisation against cyber threats

The function of Cyber Security solutions is to protect what is important to you within your technology infrastructure. Your sensitive data and critical workplace content are under threat from Phishing, Ransomware and Impersonation attacks, and it is becoming increasingly necessary to ensure you have robust Cyber Security measures in place to protect against theft of your accounts, data and devices.

Fairtech Solutions has created our National Cyber Security Centre Driven Strategy for our clients to demonstrate how they can implement Technology Solutions that can prevent damaging cyberattacks to their organisation and keep their users and their data secure.

Email Security

Cloud hosted email security solutions which will prevent large-scale phishing, impersonation attacks, ransomware takeovers and malware. Comprehensive coverage and protection for your email accounts with detailed reporting suites

Cyber Security User Training

Automated and managed Cyber Security awareness training programmes, alongside realistic phishing simulations which can identify at risk users and work with them to become more cyber secure. Ensuring your people are your first line of defence against Cyber threats

Data Backup + Storage

Your insurance policy against any Cyber Attack. A Cyber Criminals main aim is to penetrate your systems and extract data which they use to harm your organisation. Regular and comprehensive data backups and storage will ensure your critical data is not lost and can be recovered

Web Security

Many threats exist within web browsers and is imperative to make sure that your users are not faced with inappropriate websites which could host a pleather of cyber threats and links. Implementing leading cloud web security will provide a further step of cyber safety for your organisation.

Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is a simple, but powerful tool to ensure user identification when accessing their business tools. Matching up a user with a trusted device to ensure a multi-layered verification process when gaining access to your critical data is a must for any organisation

Cloud Access Security

CASB takes cyber security in to your cloud applications, delivering secure and complete visibility and control which allows you to secure the information which is stored within the cloud applications you use daily.

Penetration Testing

Automated security validation to determine existing and ongoing risks within your infrastructures. Ensuring your future technology decisions are driven by data, by delivering a roadmap of existing and developing threats which can cause harm to your network.


Your first layer of protection against Malware and Malicious attacks entering your network, protecting your websites and applications from advanced cyber-threats, inline with NCSC guidelines. Ensuring protection against web attacks and DDoS and delivering visibility into attack threats.

Anti Virus

Critical protection for your devices to scan, identify and delete viruses from a device which has been subject to a malware attack. Running seamlessly in the background to keep your machines safe to use and ensure optimal performance whilst mitigating against remote cyber attacks.

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