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Censornet Platform Data Sheet

Censornet Platform

Freedom. Visibility. Protection. The Censornet Platform from Censornet fully integrates Email Security, Web Security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Multi-Factor Authentication for both central configuration and management, as well as data visualization and reporting

Censornet-Email-Security EMS Data Sheet Online

Censornet Email Security (EMS)

Protection from known, unknown and emerging email threats. Traditional pattern, message attribute and characteristic matching are complemented with algorithmic analysis for ultimate threat detection without impacting accuracy.

Censornet Multi-Factor Authentication MFA Data Sheet

Censornet Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication from censornet provides protection from account compromise through the use of weak or stolen passwords – whether they were obtained through phishing, social engineering, brute force attacks or purchased online.

Cloud Access Security Broker CASB Data Sheet

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Cloud access security broker from Censornet provides a single pane of glass to discover, analyze and manage cloud activity across multiple networks and devices, whether users are on the corporate network or working remotely.

Boxphish Service Overview Fairtech Solutions

Boxphish Edu Service Overview

Boxphish’s Cyber Security & Awareness Training Software is designed to improve the online security knowledge of end users and reduce their level of risk – this is achieved via email threat simulation and on-going, diverse training.

Datasheet InboxSecurity

Cyren Inbox Security

Evasive phishing, BEC and fraud attempts are getting past existing email defences. The sophistication of these attacks makes them increasingly successful in avoiding detection and fooling your employees, including those who’ve been through Security Awareness and Training (SAT) programs. Cyren Inbox Security provides a critical layer of security where it’s needed most – right in the user mailbox.

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