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National Cyber Security Centre

An NCSC Driven Approach To Schools Cyber Security

Schools and Education authorities need to ensure that they meet their obligations to protect their systems and data from threats and comply with legislation. Cyber security is a mammoth task, and a moving feast. Fairtech Solutions help schools achieve their goals, within their budgets, by identifying pertinent guidance and legislation, then working with consultants and vendors who can help meet the guidance. We start with NCSC Cyber Essentials, the NCSC Guide for Small Business (Identified in NCSC guidance for schools), and Keeping Children Safe in Education, Prevent,

Cyber Essentials defines five themes as below:

Technical Control Themes

How To Proceed

We add to this with the steps defined in the NCSC small business guide.

Small Business Guide: Cyber Security

How to improve your cyber security; affordable, practical advice for businesses.

 And also the requirements driven by PREVENT and KCSIE for web filters.


Many of our product are aligned to this guidance as demonstrated in our product matrix, extended into the world of cloud for scalability and expanded to focus on the safety and wellbeing of students, and the enhancement of tools to enable learning for Teachers.

Resources For Schools

The NCSC provide a number of resources for schools which has driven our strategy for Cyber Security at Fairtech Solutions, including practical tips for everyone working in education.

Whilst implementing recommending technology solutions is important to reduce your risk of a Cyber attack, it is also imperative to implement best practices within your schools to your users.

Including, but not limited to:

Downloadable copies of Cyber Security Information cards can be found at NCSC.GOV.UK and will allow you to circulate practical tips for your staff which can work alongside vital training tools, such as Cyber Security Awareness Training, to prevent staff engaging with malicious phishing content.

Alongside our Cyber Essentials guidance which is advised by the NCSC, we also direct our customers to their ‘Exercise in a Box’ simulation tool – This allows you to work with management teams and key stakeholders working to reduce your schools cyber risk to assess the current risk status of your school.

You can access this free service to open up a number of simulations which can advise on the solutions you should look to invest in as a school to become protected against a successful Cyber Attack – all of these solutions can be found on our Cyber Security page.

Working with your board members and management teams

It is essential to get the backing and support of your wider management teams when implementing a strategy to increase your protection against a cyber attack. The NCSC have resources that are designed to encourage discussions around cyber safety, cyber essentials and open up discussions between your technical teams and your board members.

The NCSC Board Toolkit will provide schools with:

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