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Delivering technology to protect your people

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Protecting the people within your organisation

As the behaviour and activity of users continue to increase online, there is a growing evolution of risks and dangers from which we need to protect our users, especially within a working and learning environment.

It has become imperative to identify any safeguarding alerts which could pose a threat to the wellbeing of your users in real-time, to ensure they do not escalate into more serious incidents and the advancement of artificial technology and human moderated analysts to assist with this is a great help to our customers when deploying solutions.

With huge spikes in cases of cyber-bullying, online sexual grooming and exploitation, and targeted attacks against groups and individuals – the requirement for robust safeguarding and reporting tools has become a crucial part of how our customers work to protect their users.

Web Filtering

Cloud based filtering solutions with built in AI and Sentiment analysis tools to detect and report on content containing indecent and inappropriate content within a learning and working environment, whilst enabling educational and operational access to resources – providing compliance with KCSIE and Prevent, in association with the IWF.

Email and Online Docs Monitoring

Working alongside the core principles of your web filtering solution to deliver a broader picture of online behaviour and activity. Analysing collaborative documents and emails to detect safeguarding risks, including nude and offensive imagery.

Safeguarding Alerting Systems

Detecting and reporting on flagged safeguarding concerns and alerting your teams in real-time, providing a chronology of a users behaviour to identify risks and act upon them immediately.

Human Analyst Intervention

Working as an extension of your team at all times to deliver expert insights in to user behaviour and risk categories and being able to detect potential risks at all times, meaning you can provide a duty of care to your users 24/7.

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