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Network & Device Management‚Äč

Provisioning and Protecting the devices in your network

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Getting devices in the hands of students and employees which are protected and provisioned for learning and working has become a critical requirement, especially in light of a switch to hybrid teaching and operational environments.

Having a device that is not operational, cannot access the relevant content and which could access inappropriate and potentially malicious content are some of the major concerns when organisations are rolling out their mobile device strategy. It is also become critical to ensure that tools are in place for collaboration and interaction with colleagues and peers.

Providing devices to users also means the organisation has a responsibility to provide a level of protection for that device and needs to ensure that a user is safe when using the device and that they are also not susceptible to bringing the device back on to an internal network with malicious content.

Classroom Management

Providing the ability to remotely manage a classroom of students, including pushing down content for lessons, monitoring student devices and access remotely, focusing students on to specific content and sites and sharing that content between students and teachers to increase collaboration.

Mobile Device Management

Giving our customers the ability to remotely provision new or used devices, assign them to users and set security and safeguarding provisions for the content they can access on that device. Also keeping an inventory of devices, their assigned users and locations to reduce device loss.

Teams Monitoring

With an increase in video and calling communication platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, there is now a core requirement to monitor the chat functions within these platforms to ensure that you are protecting users and capturing information which may be relevant to safeguarding and HR departments.

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