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Procurement As A Service (PaaS)

Delivering you the best technology solutions in the simplest and most cost-effective way.

procurement as a service

The technology procurement process can be overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated. Fairtech Solutions have designed our own processes and free to use platform to simplify this, by working as advisories and brokers on your behalf.

Our team has decades of combined years working for technology vendors, so we know the tricks of the trade and the best times, people, and places to invest in technology solutions.

Our results are driven by data, not speculation.

PaaS saves you hours of research and unwanted pricing negotiations, making procurement simple and effective.

procurement as a service



PaaS starts by uncovering any existing weaknesses within your infrastructure to determine if there is a current risk which needs resolving. This will start building our data as to how you can improve on enforcing your security policies, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, and identifying any users who are flagged as a risk.



Using the Discovery data, we will investigate and identify what technologies are currently providing value to your organisation and what future technology investments would mitigate existing risks and enable further productivity.



Our dedicated team have worked within technology vendors for decades and use that experience to benefit our customers. With access to preferential pricing structures and expertise of vendor technology procurement cycles, we can ensure we are brokering the best commercial deals on your behalf, without you needing to spend your time on unnecessary sales calls.

This works on two core levels:

New Technology

Having investigated and reported to you on what solution is the best technology for you, we will also negotiate the best procurement options for you by negotiating with the vendors on your behalf.

Existing Technology Cost Savings

Using our Technology Assessment Form we will also work to negotiate better deals for the renewals of your existing technology products, allowing your budgets to deliver you more best of breed solutions.


Data-Driven Reporting

Data is key and our PaaS is all based on data which Is specific to you. You will be delivered a report which can be circulated to your management teams which will show you relevant specifications of the technology products you are considering, the outcomes they will achieve for your organisation and the final return on investments these solutions will deliver.

This data will also suggest the solutions your organisation should evaluate to validate any procurement decisions and will show how these solutions ensure compliance with legislations and guidelines such as the NCSC and KCSIE.



The final stage of this service is to implement the chosen solutions in to your live environments; our team will work alongside yours to ensure smooth transitions to new technology solutions so that there is no disruption to your users and so that your new solutions are helping deliver improved outcomes from day one.
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